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Selling my Holiday Home and T&Cs


You’re looking to sell your holiday home, buy a new one or come away completely. Maybe this is because your circumstances have changed or you decided now that covid restrictions have been lifted, you will start going abroad again so it doesn’t make sense paying the site fees, insurances and utilities any more.

What do you do?

Generally, you have one of 2 options;

1. Sell to trade
2. Sell Privately

Selling to trade usually means selling back to the park at a reduced cost/rate, or selling your caravan off-site to another person, business or a trader.
You can find out more about this here.

A Holiday Home is ALWAYS worth more on the plot it’s on. The Holiday Park will have soo much more to offer a person or family than what is currently in their back garden. With beaches and resort towns nearby, on-site owners lounge, swimming pools, activites and entertainment for the whole family, what more can you ask for in a holiday inside the UK?

Sellings your caravan on-site has it’s positives and negatives. As a seller, the positives could be, and are not limited to;
Regardless of your caravan’s ‘trade’ worth, you can generally sell for a price that is above the regular value a trader would pay.