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People will often find that even though they love their caravan, their park is no longer suitable for them. Maybe your family are insisting on different park facilities, you are looking for a change of location or maybe you are just simply no longer satisfied with the park. No matter the reason, there is no requirement for you to keep your caravan where it is. However, if you have finance, you will need to have permission from the lender. 

“Bring-on” is the term used. It may take time to find a park that will allow “Bring-ons”. Most popular parks will only offer a part-exchange deal to move there and will not consider bring-ons. Parks that have limited spaces are less likely to accept bring-ons, whereas a park with a lot of empty pitches is more likely to accept bring-ons. You might find that your choice of pitch is limited to the unwanted parts of the park when you do find a park that does accept bring-ons. 

Costs which include disconnection from your old park, road transport and re-connecting the caravan at your new park will be involved. If you need a crane to remove the caravan or have decking, these costs will also be your responsibility. Normally, the new park will insist on an advanced payment for site fees, so your initial outlay is something to consider. 

When trying to find a park that accepts bring-ons, calling a park directly is the most effective way to do so. If they do accept bring-ons, you should visit the park to check out what is on offer and to make sure you are satisfied with your choice before proceeding. You should prepare yourself for some potential sales charm as it is a common sales practice to view a bring-on customer as a possible part-exchange.