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Our partnership with Luna Statics

Luna Organisation comprises of not just a Private Sales business, but a 2 year static home trading company, too. 

So that means, when you upload your Holiday Home to Luna Private Sales, Luna Statics will also give you an offsite value to which you can accept and receive a deposit within 24 hours.

All you have to do is upload your Holiday Home to our website here at Luna Private Sales and shortly afterwards you will receive a guaranteed offsite price for your Holiday Home.

That means, should you come into a bit of trouble, can no longer sell your Holiday Home on site or simply just don’t want to wait any longer, you have another option.

When you upload your Holiday Home to Luna Private Sales, we share the images and information with our little black book of contacts, who will then make bids on your Holiday Home. 
Once all bids are in, we share with you the highest bid available at that time. Please remember that the price is not guaranteed forever though! The market is constantly changing and as a result our buyers do find it hard sometimes to commit to an offer made such a long period of time ago.
If you’re not too sure if your price is still available, give us a call on 0800 644 5001 or send an email to and we can certainly update that price for you.

If you were to accept the price given on your “My Account” page and not a lot of time has passed since we made you that offer, please make sure your bank details are correct as we will use this information to make a deposit into your account, securing the deal for you, us and our buyers.

If you would rather, you can head over to Luna Statics’ website and fill out their Free Valuation form, Request a Callback or simply give them a call on 0800 644 5000.

It’s Luna Oraganisation‘s aim to ensure our customers (you) get the best price for your Holiday Home and along with that, the best service possible by being honest and straight forward.

We understand that sometimes, we simply cannot give you the best price as an offsite sale, so here we are with Luna Private Sales, the platform designed specifically for people who need an extra helping hand!

If you have received an offer and you are not too sure whether to accept or not, please call us first and we will point you in the right direction.

Please Note: When selling your Holiday Home on-site, you will need to pay the park approximately 15%+20%VAT.

When selling your Holiday Home off-site, you will need to pay the park a disconnection fee, approximately £3-500.