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Holmes Mere Park

Skegness Rd, Chapel St Leonards, Skegness, PE24 5UG 

Holmes Mere is an exclusive extension to our Golden Palm Resort in Chapel St Leonards. Located to the rear of our Meadow View area on the park, Holmes Mere appeals to sectors of the market not currently catered for on the park. Exclusively for private holiday home owners and their immediate families, offering a non letting atmosphere for you and close family to enjoy.

Surrounded by high banks and a range of specially selected trees and shrubs your holiday home will be hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the main park. Gated with security barriers and card access your peace and tranquillity will not be spoilt. Over 80% of the park’s pitches face directly onto either our meandering stream that runs delicately around the caravans or our picturesque fishing pond, fishing is permitted on both the stream and pond offering exclusive fishing sessions for holiday home owners located on Holmes Mere Park.

With this revolutionary new park layout each pitch has its own designated hard standing parking area within the road network of cul-de-sac’s and avenues. Each pitch is set in it’s own unique surroundings maximising the green space around your caravan, a luxury not available to the original area’s of Golden Palm Resort.

We pride ourselves on the attention to detail in every aspect of this new flagship development. In addition to the facilities we already provide at Golden Palm Resort the development will also see further investment in new facilities on the main park, as well as adding new activities such as fishing you will also see the introduction of Tennis Courts, a new children’s play area and a multi use gaming area.


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